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Tips for using the Public Transit System in Norfolk and surrounding counties

Fares & Availability

  • Exact cash fare, no change given or purchase tickets in advance

  • Fare prices and pre-purchase locations can be found here

  • Ride Norfolk operates Monday – Friday from 7:45 am – 6:30 pm.

  • There is no service on weekends, statutory holidays, or civic holidays.


  • A Transfer can be requested by passengers and issued by the bus operator when a passenger boards the bus using an out of town ticket or paying a $6.00/$4.00 fare.

  • A transfer can be used to continue an In Town trip when the rider needs to transfer buses at the Simcoe Library.

  • When transferring to the Brantford service from the Out of Town bus, or In Town (Simcoe) bus, customers must pay the full fare for all systems.

  • Transfers cannot be used for the return trip to the rider’s original boarding location.

  • Transfers must be requested by passengers and put in the fare box when used.

  • Transfers are only valid on the date issued.

Bus schedules

  • Read down the times from beginning to end of the route

  • Follow the arrow for Out of Town route direction ( Routes A ↓ and C ↓ travel in opposite direction from Routes B ↑ and D ↑ every day except Tuesday)

  • All scheduled times are departure times unless otherwise stated. Please arrive at your bus stop 5 minutes prior to your estimated pickup time

  • Our bus operators do their best to maintain the schedule so that you may arrive at your destination safely and on time. On occasion, road construction, detours, inclement weather or traffic may put the bus behind schedule. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

Printable schedules, maps and online maps can be found here



Only travel when necessary as per the Stay-at-Home order effective Thursday April 8, 2021.

A mask is required while on-board.

In order to limit the number of riders at one time, max capacity is 8. If the bus is at ‘capacity’ you will need to wait for the next bus.

Prior to boarding:

  1. Use the hand sanitizer provided

  2. Put on a mask – Please bring your own or use one provided

  3. Pay your fare

  4. Proceed to your seat

• Only travel when necessary

• Social distancing measures remain in place. If the bus is at capacity, you will need to wait for the next bus.

• We continue to clean the vehicles and disinfect high touch surfaces throughout the day.

• Upon boarding, please find your seat and refrain from distractive conversations with the driver.

• Riders must use the on board ‘next stop’ notification button to request a stop.

• Joy riding is prohibited.

• Please be considerate of your fellow passengers and our drivers. If you are feeling unwell or have recently travelled out of province, do not use our service

• Our vehicles are equipped with a limited supply of face masks, disposable gloves and both disinfectant spray and wipes.

For all other information visit

Taxi Services

All of the taxi services below are listed under the town they are based in, however all of these companies service the entirety of Norfolk, Haldimand and Brant counties. If you subscribe to the UBER app, you may also find drivers nearby. Your trip will be cheaper if you start with an available driver closest to you.

Fares are charged based on time or a flat-fee. Ask your driver about their fares and methods of payment.

Additional protocols may be in place. Wear a mask and sanitize your hands. If you are sharing a taxi with others, ask how many people are allowed in the vehicle when you book you driver.


Norfolk Taxi & Delivery

Courtesy Cab


KTN Taxi


Brant Taxi

City Taxi


Why Wait Taxi & Delivery

Delhi Taxi



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